CPSA Europe 2018

Program Chair Neil Spooner

Program Co-Chair
Neil Spooner
Spooner Bionanlytical Solutions

Program Chair Ismael Zamora

Program Co-Chair
Ismael Zamora
Molecular Discovery

Plenary Speaker Axel Pähler

Plenary Speaker
Axel Pähler

Make plans to attend the Inaugural European Symposium on Clinical & Pharmaceutical Solutions through Analysis (CPSA Europe 2018). This unique event is highly interactive and dedicated to the needs of technology and service providers. The program features updated perspectives and experiences on product development, application support, and emerging workflows in the clinical and pharmaceutical laboratory setting. Imagination and stimulating discussion are central to each CPSA Europe session and event.

CPSA Goals

The goal of CPSA Europe is to provide in-depth review of innovative technology and industry practices through open discussion of industry-related issues and needs. This annual event is specifically geared to the needs of professionals attempting to keep pace with faster development times and technology marketing managers attempting to benchmark emerging trends.


The CPSA Europe symposia and roundtables are highly interactive events where scientists share their experiences and visions in a collegial setting. The program will highlight speakers and sessions that provide real-world experiences with new technologies and critical insights into current issues and future needs. Education and specialized training are the foundation of all CPSA events.

Each session at CPSA Europe will address the current industrial landscape and the global need to bring products to market faster. The program chairs will promote discussion and exchange of experiences, ideas, and visions so that current processes that involve analytical measurement can be benchmarked and future strategies may be developed.


The CPSA Europe symposia and roundtables feature a unique format to allow scientists to openly share comprehensive perspectives on industry-related issues and needs. First-hand experiences with specific applications and technologies are openly discussed. Lively discussions in a collegial setting are a hallmark of the meeting.

Symposia Feature

Industry Issues and Needs • Analysis Strategies • Performance Benchmarks

Roundtables Feature

Commercial Technology • Mainstream Applications • Analysis Trends

Broad-based awareness of the analytical sciences is achieved through open discussion with industry leaders. This unique event is made possible by sponsors who are dedicated to promoting awareness and understanding of the analytical sciences with the hope of inspiring significant advances in the field.


CPSA Europe will be held north of London at the Cambridge Belfry Hotel in Cambourne, Cambridge.